Founded in 2005, Angel Athletes Management (AAM) has forged wide and enduring relationships with key decision makers in the sports industry both in the United States (NBA) and Europe. In a global market, it is perfectly positioned to shape and manage athletes’ careers at home and abroad, honing their images as world-class professionals.

The comprehensive approach to management includes all contractual negotiations and on-going interactions with sports organizations. AAM also has in place a team of seasoned attorneys, financial advisors and accountants to provide a range of essential services. Above all it is important for each client to have a clear strategy in mind to wisely invest income during peak earning years to ensure long-term security and wealth generation.

AAM offers off-season programs to help new, young athletes optimize their performance from the beginning and continue to realize their best of athletic abilities. Physical development will not only create more skillful athletes but will also prevent injuries to prolong each professional’s career span.

AAM, during its initial years of operation, has established a reputation for dedicated, personalized service as well as absolute integrity. It has ambitious plans to be a leader in the sports industry and welcomes those who want to be best in their class to come aboard.