Angela Hagen, founder and president of Angel Athletes Management (AAM), has earned the respect of her peers, professional athletes and sports media since establishing her company. Born in Havana, Cuba, her life is a true American success story. Starting her career in the marketing and entertainment industries, she moved to become a well-established real estate agent in the upscale Southern California market. During her years in this industry, she gained highly effective negotiation skills to ensure the best contractual advantages for her clients.

A Certified Player Agent with the National Basketball Association, Ms. Hagen has the ability to directly negotiate all player contracts, finalizing the best possible results. For her, the client comes first.

Personable, articulate and creative, Ms. Hagen has long-established relationships within the athletic world, the entertainment industry and the media. Adept in professional and social networking, she uses every chance to be an effective advocate for her clients, creating opportunities beyond the athletic arena. As a mother, who has successfully raised an athlete son, she has the instincts to nurture young athletes and to work constructively with their families.

Ms. Hagen is a distinguished resident of Southern California with an extensive background of supporting community services and philanthropic causes. Her most recent and ambitious project is Life Choices Foundation. She has established this organization with Samaki Walker to help at-risk young adults to overcome the many challenges in their lives.

A consummate professional, Angela Hagen respects and nurtures the professionalism of her clients.