DeAndre Walker is extremely strong for a Two-Guard with a stature of 6’6”, 220 lbs. and a wing span of 7’2”. His professional experience began with the Indiana Alleycats (CBA) for the 2006-07 season, averaging 7 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 21 minutes per game. With a Field Goal Percentage of 52%, a Free Throw Percentage of 69%, and 32 blocked shots, DeAndre helped lead the Indiana Alleycats to a 23-25 record with their first stint in the CBA.

He played for the Columbus Cyclones (IBL) in 2006 and helped lead them to the Championship against Elkhart, scoring 10 points in 11 minutes of action. With DeAndre the team was propelled to a 1st year season of 20-3 and an overall second place in the IBL.


DeAndre can post up bigger men, thrives on contact, can lock down whoever he is guarding and block shots. He is a good mid-range jump shooter and takes the ball to the rim with authority. Most Two-Guards will not be able to guard DeAndre because of his agility and strength.

He has a mental grasp of the game and possesses the drive and determination to improve. Walker will always give you 100% on every play.

Collegiate Experiences

Fairmont State University: started in 25 out of 27 games in the 2003-4 season averaging 9.4 points per game. He total 165 rebounds, averaged 6.1 per game, 30 assists, 26 blocked shots, and 49 steals. His percentages: 47.6% Field Goal; 14.3% 3-Point Range; 49.3% Free-Throw.

Columbus State Community College: Aided the team to a 20-9 record and 9-5 in the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference as a sophomore, averaged 9.2 points / 6.3 rebounds per game and totaled 32 blocked shots for his sophomore season. Received the Red Badge of Courage Award in 2001.

DeAndre is currently vigorously training and is top physical and mental condition. He would be pleased to participate in your training camps or work outs to demonstrate his abilities on the court.

Please contact us if there is any further information we can provide, or if you would like to schedule a tryout.

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