"I am pleased to recommend Angela Hagen as an accredited Sports Agent dealing with NBA talent. I have known Angela for well over ten years. In that time, she has always proven to be a formidable business person, a good friend and a capable representative of whatever she has been selling. I base my recommendation not just on personal knowledge, but also as a man who has been deeply involved in Sports and basketball for over 50 years.

I am eminently qualified to make such a recommendation based on personal experience: I was the first President of Fox Sports. I was involved with the NFLPA during the 1981-82 strike; I was part of the original ownership team of the Phoenix Suns as a principal in Barnaby Sports. I WAS PART OF THE ORIGINAL 0WNERSHIP TEAM OF THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ (now UTAH) as a principal of Invest West Sports.

I was Executive Vice president of L.A. Lakers under Jack Kent Cooke. During his illness in 1972, for an extremely brief period I was acting President. I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED WITH THE WEST COAST BRANCH OF THE NBA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. I created and ran the NBA/ABA All-Star Game, Houston Astrodome 1971. I am currently working with Mel Grey and Ernie Vandeweghe in trying to bring an NBA Legends Team to China for exhibitions against the Chinese National Team. I was advisor to J. Walter Kennedy when he was NBA Commissioner."

Sheldon A. Saltman

"Angel Athlete Management has helped me revitalize my professional basketball career over the last four years. Because of Angela Hagen’s personal integrity, hard work, self-sacrifice, and keen negotiating skills, I trust her beyond the basketball court and continue to rely on her professional and personal advice to help guide my career. She has been with me through both good and bad times. I know I can count on her to work closely with me to plan my continued success.

I could not have picked a better agent and company to represent me. AAM has been a great choice for me and I would recommend Angela to anyone without any hesitation."

Samaki Walker
NBA Player
(L.A. Lakers, Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs)