Bill Hagen, peak performance expert, oversees all of the physical training and conditioning for Angel Athletes Management. Drawing on over fifteen years experience and direct involvement with athletic training, Bill implements a custom made program for each individual client.

Though extremely well versed in all aspects of training, Bill is especially skilled in incorporating strength training to improve performance and prevent injury. He has studied and learned from team strength and conditioning coaches throughout the NBA.

His work with Angel Athlete Management clients include strength and weight training, speed and explosiveness development, conditioning and endurance training as well as dietary programming and management. Bill’s goal with each client is “to get them into the best condition of their lives, stronger than they’ve ever been while improving speed and quickness. I want their bodies to be their biggest asset. My client’s make their living with their bodies and it is my job to enhance their strength, speed, endurance and overall health so they can perform to their maximum potential.”

Interestingly, Bill was first exposed to weight training and conditioning as a child training with his mother at the famous Gold’s Gym and World’s Gym in Venice, California. It was there he was able to watch and learn from the bodybuilding greats of the day, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and many of the reigning Mr. America’s and Mr. Universe.